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5pcs-3M ea High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet and 3D





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Even if your computer and monitor, or your TV and Blu-ray player, are located at different ends of a desk or bookshelf – there’s no reason you have to have ugly cables running between them. As long as your installation is somewhat permanent, there’s no substitute for in-wall cabling between components of an audio/video or computer system. And the lightweight (28 AWG) 50-foot Cmple high speed HDMI cable is just what you need for those relatively short runs.

HDMI cabling has become the standard for high-definition or high-resolution connections, capable of carrying both video and audio signals on one cable with virtually no signal loss or degradation. You probably already know that it’s not just high-end home theater systems that use HDMI cables; chances are, you have an HDMI cable connecting your cable connection or high-def DVD player to your TV, and another one between your desktop and flat-screen monitor.

The Cmple HDMI cable may be short, lightweight and easy to install, but it’s no slouch when you consider its construction. Itshielded to ward off just about all RF and electromagnetic interference, fitted with gold-plated connectors so you don’t have to worry about corrosion or dirty connections, RoHS compliant to ensure there are no dangerous substances like mercury or PBBs inside.

Some HDMI cables can be a problem when it comes to connecting newer components like Blu-ray players, which often use the latest HDCP piracy protection protocols and won’t function with older cabling. Cmple’s cables are HDCP compliant, though, so they’ll work just fine with all of those devices. They’re also CEC compliant, meaning they meet California’s strictest-in-the-nation energy efficiency standards.

This cable ships is available in several other length as well.

Here’s an in-depth look at the specifications of this 28 gauge Cmple 2M in-wall cable:

  • Supports HD digital video from 480i up to 1080p (maximum performance may vary based on equipment)
  • Supports the latest high resolution audio standards like Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS Master Audio
  • Works with high refresh rate displays of 120Hz or 240Hz, even higher
  • Gold-plated connectors ensure clean and corrosion-resistant connections
  • Shielded to ward off radio frequency and electromagnetic (EM) interference
  • HDCP, RoHS and CEC compliant
  • Length: 3M
  • Color: Black

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